Fare Prices

Buses can accept tickets, passes, and cash (cannot make change).
Tickets and passes can be purchased at the station's ticket window via cash or credit card.
T-Line does not charge tax, however, any fees charged to T-Line by the credit card processing service are passed on to the customer.


Adult (19-64)
Youth (6-19)
Student (with valid I.D.)
Senior (65 and over)
Children (5 and under)
Disabled (with valid I.D.)

Monthly Passes


Monthly passes are good for unlimited rides on all routes during the designated month.Pass prices start being prorated on the 9th day of the month.


One-way trip TICKETS may be purchased in lots of 10 for $12.50. Receive 1 FREE ticket for every 10 tickets purchased.TRANSFERS are FREE to passengers with cash fares or tickets.

Transfers are issued to enable the completion of a trip in one direction only and cannot be used to get back onto the same bus. They must be used within ONE-HALF hour of the time they are issued.

Transfers can ONLY be used at the Transfer Station located at 1402 Texas Blvd.