T-Line Works


Are your employees having a difficult time getting to work? T-Line Works can help.

How well are your employees getting to work?

As an employer you know firsthand the difficulties of recruiting and retaining qualified employees. Here at T-Line we recognize these obstacles and are interested in helping you resolve common issues like limited parking and employee tardiness, while increasing employee productivity and saving everyone a little money.

With gas prices soaring employees are looking for alternative transportation options. By assisting you in setting up a T-Line Works employee bus pass program we can tailor a personalized program to meet the specific needs of you and your employees; the possibilities are endless.

Whether you choose to subsidize passes or offer employees the option to purchase passes with pre-tax income, TLine Works can be part of your overall benefits package.

What is T-Line Works?

T-Line Works is an employer-based program that allows employees to purchase bus passes with pre-tax income. Not only do they save on taxes but so do you! Even better, if your company subsidizes the passes by selling them at a cheaper rate you get additional tax benefits.

How do you get started?

T-Line Works is set up though your Human Resources and Benefits Department. We will schedule a time to introduce TLine Works to your employees through our FREE Travel

Training Program

We will show them how to use the T-Line system, face to face, from how to read the schedule to where to wait for the bus. It is that easy!

What are the Benefits for your Company?

T-Line Works helps you recruit and retain qualified employees while getting those employees to work relaxed and ready to work. Here are just a few ways T-Line Works can benefit your company.

To request more information about T-line Works and Travel Training programs contact:

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