T-Line is looking for more Community Involvement!

Here at T-Line we are always looking for better ways to serve our local communities but to do this we need YOU.
We are asking Community Leaders from and for Texarkana
to join us in assembling a Localized Steering Committee.
Representatives will be able to help guide the future of T-Line!
For more Information - Please contact our T-Line Administration
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T-Line is looking for drivers. Come in and fill out an application or go to HTTPS://ATCOG.APPLICANTPRO.COM/JOBS and select T-Line Driver.

If you struggle with English, you're entitled to free language assistance. Contact us using the phone or email below and provide your name, phone number, and spoken language for more information. (Spanish / Español): Si tiene dificultades para comunicarse en inglés, tiene derecho a asistencia lingüística sin costo alguno para usted. Póngase en contacto con el teléfono o el correo electrónico que se indica a continuación para obtener más información. Proporcione su idioma hablado, nombre y número de teléfono.

what we do

Texarkana Urban Transit District

Fixed Route Bus Service

Operating as T-Line Bus System within the City limits of Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texarkana, Wake Village and Nash, Texas.

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ADA Paratransit Service

ADA complementary service operates the same days and hours that fixed route service is provided.  Curb-to-curb service to elgible personas with disabilities.

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Managed by ATCOG

Management and fiscal services provided by Ark-Tex Council of Governments. Paratransit is operated by TRAX staff using TRAX vehicles under the agreement.

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Plan Your Trip

Enter your starting and ending address, or simply click on the end point circle and drag it to where you want to go. The map will highlight and give you more information about your route!

Google Tansit Map

Fare Prices

Ticket prices for adults, youths, students, seniors, and disabled. Monthly passes available as well as one-way trip tickets. Transfers are free to passengers with cash fares or tickets.

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T-Line is your billboard on wheels. Rear bus wraps. Shelter ads. Ads on the inside and outside of buses. Funds stay in area and help support Transit Service.

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Route Information

We provide transportation services to eight fixed routes as well as ADA Paratransit curb-to-curb transportation to eligible persons with disabilities.

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Other Services and accommodations


Passengers requesting reasonable modifications should describe what modifications they need in order to use the service. Whenever feasible, requests for modifications should be made and determined in advance of the scheduled trip. If modifications cannot be made in advance, T-LINE staff will make a determination of whether the modification should be provided at the time of request. To request a Reasonable Modification, please call 903-794-8883.


ADA Paratransit services provide curb-to-curb transportation to eligible persons with disabilities .

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Driver Appreciation

All of our drivers are hard working individuals that deserve to be occasionally recognized for their work.If a driver has shown you extra courtesy, has gone out of their way to help you or has impressed you in any way, please let us know so that we may acknowledge this to the driver.

Please contact us and tell us how a driver served to help with your transportation needs!

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Local Website Links

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Texarkana Community CollegeUniversity of Arkansas TexarkanaTexarkana Greyhound Station
Texarkana Community CollegeUniversity of Arkansas TexarkanaTexarkana Amtrak Station