Paratransit Service

Paratransit Service is a curb-to-curb service for those that qualify.

Once qualified, patrons may schedule any number of trips, from medical appointments, to shopping, or educational, and others.

Please schedule as much in advance as possible due to limited times and availabilities by contacting the Paratransit Dispatcher at 903-794-0435.

The cost for a one-way Paratransit trip is currently $2.50.

Here you will find the most Frequently Asked Questions about the T-LINE Paratransit Service, the NEW ONE PAGE Paratransit Application and the Revised and Updated Paratransit Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start riding T-Line?
As soon as you receive your approval letter.
What if I run late at the doctor?
You must notify T-Line that you will not make your pick-up time and that you will-call when you are ready. T-Line will send a ride as soon as possible. The missed ride will not result in a no-show being recorded.
Does the time of a cancellation left on voice mail count as the time the ride was cancelled?
Yes, the system time stamps each message and that time will be listed as the cancellation time.
Do I have to call everyday for a trip if the time and days that I travel are the same week-to-week?
No, subscription service is available when travel is at the same time and day each week. However, when necessary, a passenger must remember to cancel a subscription ride to avoid a no-show being recorded.
Will I be taken directly to and from my destination?
Not necessarily, T-Line is public transportation and sometimes passengers share rides.
What is the Service Area?
The service area includes the sections of Texarkana TX, Texarkana AR, Wake Village TX and Nash TX that T-Line can pick you up and drop you off.
Where does a T-Line pick-up a passenger when there are many entrances to a building?
If the client has a specific pick-up location identified, the location should be provided to the scheduler when the trip is scheduled. However, T-Line has specific pick-up points designated for many facilities and buildings. For details regarding designated pick-up locations, contact T-Line scheduling.